The Secret of Successful Learning


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Everyone faces challenges during their school life. Whether they are because of fellow students, academic pressure, or high expectations, we have all been there. In order to overcome these challenges, we must learn to put up a fight. This fight can only be won by the collective effort of three parties; parents, students, and teachers. Successful learning cannot be achieved if parents are unsupportive or if teachers do not nurture their students properly.Problems like bullying, lack of motivation, laziness or academic pressure can be tackled if we understand the root of the problem. And those problems do have a single source. So which of these issues contributed to your inner struggles throughout your school years? What is the root of the problem?


Maria Monalisa Victorio Handoko

 Born in the year of 2000, Monalisa, or usually called Sasha by her friends and family, is a student at Sekolah Victory Plus. Her parents are both educators who inspired her to choose her MYP Personal Project topic. The only girl out of three children, she is currently living in Bekasi as a high school student. Monalisa’s interest includes music (especially jazz), arts, cooking (as well as eating), cosmology, and reading.In the future she is thinking of following her par

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