School National and State level Achievements:-

Sr. No. Achivment
1 Two students participated at the National level sporrts compe at Chhatisgarh
2 Students won 9.20 lacs in Khel-Mahakumbh Festival of Soprts organized by Gujarat.
3 Kabbaddi Team played five times at the state level
4 Five Student got placed at the state level in athletics 
5 Four sports students awardedby the District Collector on Sistrict level Republic day.
6 Total 125 studens played at the state level in Different games.
7 25 students got 5000/- Cheque for the highest percentage from Narendra Modi's Kanya Kelavni fund in std 12th. 
8 Three Girls got Table from Gujarat Govt. worth Rs.8000/- in std 12th.
9 Folk Dance selected for the District level Republic Dayand appereciated by the gujarat Govt. Minister and district office. 


To abolish illiteracy from the tribal area,teaching both boys and girls so they can stand with the highly educated people of the area.


1. To start new faculties/stream like Science,Commerce.
2. To start NCC(National cadet copra)

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