College Laboratories:

Science Laboratory:

We have good science laboratory with necessary equipments.

Computer Laboratory:

We have a fully quipped computer laboratory with necessary computers for students.

Agriculture Laboratory:

All type of tools, charts and models are there further we have models of animal husbandry and horticulture and forestry also.

Psychology Laboratory:

In this laboratory many psychological test and equipments are available.

T.L.M. Lab:

Self made teaching learning material for each and every subject and method is found in this lab.


1. To encourage qualities in trainees to be a pioneer and puller of making future of India..
2. To encourage qualities of teacher, self confidence and patriotism in them and to inculcate the sense of social obligations so as to make them good citizens and honest and truthful Indians.


1. To provide qualities based education to trainees.
2. To develop teaching skill in trainees.


Celebration of Gandhi Saptah, National Festival, religious Festival( like Ganesh-Mahotsav,Navratri,holi), Sports Day Celebration, Cultural Program.

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