Teaching Staff

Sr.No. Name :
Residence Address :
Phone No
Qualification Designation Photo
1 Vasava Maganbhai Ramabhai
At & Po : Sorapada
Ta :Sagabara Di :Narmada
MO : 9099609059.
B.A.,B.ED. Principal
2 Vasava Champaben Dadubahi,
At & Po : Rajpipla near Navapara Bhattsheri Di : Narmada
Mo : 9427101873
B.A.,D.B.ED. Teacher
3 Panchal Manubhai Balubhai ,
At Po : Rushikesh Nagar A/2 269
Po: Narmada Nagar Di: Bharuch
Mo: 9427003191
B.R.S , D.B.Ed. Teacher
4 Patel Bhartbahi Naginbhai At Po : Vavadi Ta : Nadod
Di : Narmada
MO : 987968774
B.SC,B.Ed. Teacher
5 Vasava Gumanbhai Rupjibhai
At Po : Beda Company(Thava)
Ta: Netrang
Di : Bharuch
MO : 9727836290
Krushi Diploma Teacher
6 Vasava Natvarbhai Rupabhai
At po : Mandala Ta :Dediyapada
Di :Narmada
Mo : 9825838908
New S.S.C Teacher
7 Vasava Aarshibhai Nakariyabhai
,At Po : Samot
Tal : Dediyapada
Di : Narmada
. Teacher


This is the rural & tribal area & for this reason all the students are children of farmers , so we want to establish education of agriculture and vocational education of pat animals.By this education we should be develop qactivities at village development.


In our school 100% tribal students are taking education of secondary level,we want they should be get high education & their life should be developed with new technological education.

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