History of School:-

The Eklavya Sadhana Uttar Buniyadi Vidhyalaya Thava was started in 1966 with 20 students in small hut with an aim to literate of Adivasi Region like Bharuch,Narmada ,surat etc which region was still UNTOUCHED for the government and NGO’s so SHRI MANSINHJI H MANGROLA a young graduate from Gujarat Vidhyapith,Ahmedabad made his will and with his consistent and extraordinary perservearance will and with silent optimism he made a big way in the world of EDUCATION for the coming generation of this area and today in this school more than 1200 boys and girls ,tribal student have been studying.

Principal Message:

“There is nothing great in the world but MAN and in MAN there is nothing great but MIND”.